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This is America: Keep Families Together

June 18, 2018

Your Action Call your senators and ask tell them to co-sponsor  (and vote ‘YES’) on The Keep Families Together Act (S. 3036).  If your senator is already a co-sponsor, thank them for their support. Background The Trump administration has implemented a cruel new policy of taking away the children of parents who they claim are crossing the border illegally, many of whom are asylum seekers. Even nursing babies are being  taken from their mothers. The children are housed in make-shift shelters at abandoned Wal-Marts and military bases – and the administration intends to move the growing number of children to detention in tent camps. Even if the housing of the children were adequate, the trauma of the separation will affect them forever. In a brazen lie, Trump is blaming the Democrats for his new policy intended to deter victims of violence and abuse from seeking asylum in the United States by being as cruel as possible to those who do. The cruelty of the new policy is not who we are as Americans. Specifically, separating families is consistent with the type of terror that Putin’s Russia uses to quash dissent. A large group of Democratic Senators are sponsoring The Keep Families Together Act to end the inhumane practice of tearing children from their parents. Script “This is [NAME] and I’m a constituent in [ZIP]. I am horrified by the cruel policy of separating children from their parents at the border, whether they have entered illegally or are seeking asylum.  This inhumane policy does not represent who we are as Americans. I urge Sen [_____] to co-sponsor and vote for The Keep Families Together Act (S.3036).” *If your Senator is already co-sponsoring the bill, please thank them for working to end this barbaric practice.

The Loyal Opposition

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