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Paul Ryan must remove Nunes as Chair of the House Intel Committee

February 26, 2018

Use Contacting Congress or the House switchboard (202-225-3121) to connect with your House Representative.

The Call –  #RemoveNunes On Saturday, the Democratic response to the Nunes memo was finally released and it showed the Nunes memo attacking the DOJ and the FBI for the political stunt it was. As in the “unmasking” caper, Nunes is obviously in league with the White House to find ways to damage the Mueller investigation and deflect from its findings. This is beyond appalling for the Chairman of House Intelligence Committee. Nunes’ shocking and Orwellian response to the Democratic memo was to claim it was the Republicans who wanted it out to show that there “is clear evidence that the Democrats are…colluding with parts of the government to cover up for themselves.” It appears that Nunes is the one colluding with the White House -and possibly Russia-to derail the investigation into Russia’s interference into our election and any help they got from the Trump team. Your Action Call your Representative and tell him/her to demand Speaker Ryan remove Devin Nunes from the House Intelligence Committee. Talking Points

  • This is [NAME] and I’m a constituent in [CITY, STATE].

  • It’s clear Devin Nunes is working with the Trump administration to derail Mueller’s investigation.

  • His dishonest memo which was cooked up on a secret partisan basis has now been completely debunked.

  • He is undermining the DOJ and the FBI with his partisan attacks.

  • I want you to demand Paul Ryan remove Nunes from the House Intelligence Committee.

The Loyal Opposition

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