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Nearly 200K Americans Pledge to Protest if Trump Fires Mueller, Rosenstein

January 29, 2018

Nearly 200,000 Americans Nationwide Pledge to Protest if Trump Fires Mueller, Rosenstein Public Draws Red Line as Evidence of Obstruction Mounts Number of Sign-ups at Skyrockets as Attacks on Mueller, Rosenstein, Underlying Investigation Grow Louder As the White House escalates its efforts to interfere with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, nearly 200,000 Americans have signed up to participate in more than 700 protests in all 50 states to draw a red line around the Russia probe. These protests will occur within hours of any attempt by Donald Trump to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, pardon key witnesses and/or interfere with the criminal investigation into the Trump campaign and administration, for example, by firing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Sign-ups have surged in recent days at as news broke that Trump previously moved to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller in June and in light of what is reportedly in a biased memo with which House Republicans are attempting to target Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and the DOJ. Empowered by Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recusal, Rosenstein — a registered Republican and Trump appointee — oversees the Mueller investigation and must remain in place. Rosenstein has testified that there’s no cause to fire the special counsel, clearly angering the administration. Should he be fired, the White House could appoint a new deputy attorney general to take control of the investigation and end it. Efforts to undermine Rosenstein come as Trump allies like House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes work to discredit the investigation and preemptively undermine its conclusions by selectively releasing false information. Nunes’ memo, which he is seeking to release without the necessary release of relevant background information, has been refuted by the Department of Justice. Characterizing the memo as “extremely reckless,” they sent a letter explaining that Nunes has mishandled classified intelligence and is endangering national security by basing his memo off intelligence he hasn’t seen. Meanwhile, new polling shows the majority of Americans want the investigation to be completed. Concerned Americans can use the map tool or search by ZIP Code to find an event near them or create one if none exists. Protests will begin hours after news breaks of a Mueller or Rosenstein firing. Currently, there are more than 700 protest locations in all 50 states, including cities such as Salt Lake City, Juneau, Carson City, Chattanooga, Little Rock, Tupelo, Grand Forks, New York City, Houston, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. is not organized by any individual group and is instead a collaborative effort of dozens of organizations from across the political and ideological spectrum, including the partners listed here.

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