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Mission Statement

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Artwork by Julie Frontera.

The Loyal Opposition is a political action committee, comprised entirely of volunteer staff, combating the clear and present danger that our country will slide into autocracy under the Trump administration. We believe the ingredients necessary for autocracy to take hold are currently present in American politics, including:

  1. corruption & conflicts of interest

  2. erosion of constitutional liberties

  3. foreign interference

  4. lax election security

  5. discrimination & demonization of vulnerable communities

  6. widespread propaganda and disinformation.

The 2018 midterm elections were a critical step towards checking the Trumpian slide to autocratic kleptocracy, and we believed it was imperative for the Democratic Party to, at a minimum, regain control of the House of Representatives in order to to have the institutional power required to stave off autocracy.

With success in winning the House by a strong margin and with heavy voter turnout, we now have true institutional power (and subpoena power) to put the necessary check on Trump and his cronies and protect the United States’ democratic institutions. We need to focus ‘Resistance’ on using this power in the most effective way to defend our democracy and protect the vulnerable. Now that democratic opposition to Trump’s lawlessness has true institutional power behind it, we must act quickly to live up to the mantle of Defenders of Democracy.

We also believe depolarizing the electorate and finding common ground around basic democratic ideals and the rule of law is a moral imperative. We choose not to demonize those who disagree with us on policy and are willing to put aside those differences so we can optimize the benefits of successful resistance among all Americans, including vulnerable populations targeted by the Trump administration. We also hope to play a role in ‘deprogramming’ our fellow countrymen and women, many whom have been taken in and fooled by propaganda and disinformation.

Our Approach

Our top priorities:

  1. defending fair elections – including the physical infrastructure and countering voter suppression

  2. defending against propaganda and disinformation

  3. developing effective grassroots methods to push back on Trump and Putin’s war on western liberal democracies.

In 2018, we supported voting for Democrats for every position from Senate to local dogcatcher. In 2019, we will focus on our “small D” democratic priorities and not get overly involved in the early 2020 political campaigning, with the exception of opposing Trump.

We educate the public by sharing information about autocracy, corruption, abuse of civil liberties, and mismanagement in the Trump era. We call out propaganda and disinformation, which provide fertile ground and cover for autocracy and corruption. We are also adding civic education as a priority moving forward.

We will continue to employ “Calls To Action” as a method of pressuring Congress. The key difference in 2019 is we now have a receptive audience in the House. We plan to take full advantage of the opportunity and will ask for your help on issues ranging from national security and election defense to protection of vulnerable communities and anti-corruption initiatives.

With your help, we look forward to taking our rights back from a tyrannical government intent on the destruction of the country and principles we hold dear.

We are Defenders of Democracy, and so are you.

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