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House Intel Cmte must release the Dem memo that counters Nunes’ memo

January 29, 2018

The Call –  #ReleasetheDemMemo The House Intelligence Committee voted today on partisan lines to release the Nunes memo and it will become public in 5 days unless Trump, who has called for its release, decides otherwise. The Nunes memo has zero credibility and is reportedly a back-door assault on Mueller by attacking  Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, who oversees and protects the Mueller investigation, with spurious allegations. At the same time, the House Intelligence Committee voted on partisan lines to NOT authorize the release of a Democratic memo based on the underlying intelligence, which reportedly says the underlying intelligence contradicts the conclusions in the Nunes memo. Despite the fact that most members of the House Intelligence Committee have not seen the underlying intelligence, the committee voted on partisan lines to deny FBI Director Wray the opportunity to brief the committee on the underlying intelligence. Your Action Call both of the House Intelligence Committee’s main lines [Minority: (202) 225-7690 and Majority: (202) 225-4121] as well as your Representative if he or she serves on the Committee. Tell them to release Adam Schiff’s memo to the public. Talking Points

  • This is [NAME] from [CITY, STATE].

  • If the Nunes memo is released, the Committee must allow the memo written by Ranking Member Adam Schiff to also be released so that the public has an opportunity to evaluate the claims in the Nunes memo.

  • If one of the memos is released without the other, I believe it will be a gross, partisan abuse of the power by the majority.

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