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Daily Call To Action: September 25th, 2017

September 24, 2017 The Call: #ProtectOurCare #GrahamCassidy #SaveACA Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Bill Cassidy (R-LA) are keeping up the pressure push through their ACA repeal and replace bill before the September 30 deadline, introducing a revised text late Sunday with “sweeteners” for key Senate holdouts. The bill remains even worse than the last Trumpcare bill, slashing Medicaid and ending federal subsidies for premiums. Despite Cassidy and Trump claiming the bill would protect people with pre-existing conditions, health care analysts say Jimmy Kimmel is right that it does not, and would also allow caps on coverage. The AMA, AARP, American Cancer Society, Heart Association, March of Dimes and virtually all patient advocacy groups have lined up against Graham-Cassidy. Republicans plan to vote with only a preliminary CBO score, which won’t address how many will lose coverage. Additionally, they are holding only a sham hearing to provide a fig leaf of “regular process.” It is important to contact your House member in addition to your Senators. If the Senate passes the bill, it is expected the House will be asked to pass it “as is” before the September 30th deadline. Some Republican representatives who voted for the first Trumpcare bill have serious concerns about Graham-Cassidy. We need an overwhelming number of calls, letters and pressure on our members of Congress to defeat Trumpcare once and for all. The bill is a potential death sentence for sick and vulnerable Americans. Voting on the bill without a full CBO score and full hearing is reckless. Instead, Congress should pass a bipartisan bill to stabilize the exchanges and repair the ACA. Your Action Call and write to your three members of Congress and tell them to vote NO on the Graham-Cassidy ACA repeal and replace bill and to support the bipartisan effort to stabilize the ACA exchanges. Talking Points

  • This is [NAME] and I’m a constituent in [ZIP].

  • [IMPORTANT] Describe how the repeal of the ACA would personally impact you, your friends or family.

  • [Democrat MoC’s] The Graham-Cassidy bill is a potential death sentence for sick and vulnerable Americans. Please use every tactic available to defeat the bill.

  • [Republican MoC’s] Graham-Cassidy is even worse than the BCRA. It destroys Medicaid as we know it, guts protections for people with pre-existing conditions and is a potential death sentence for sick and vulnerable Americans.

  • [Republican MoC’s] It is reckless and immoral to ram through such profound changes without regular process and a full CBO score. It is wrong for America and its values.

  • It’s time to support a bipartisan effort to stabilize the ACA exchanges and mandate outreach in order to prevent spikes in premiums and lapses in coverage.

The Loyal Opposition

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