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Daily Call To Action: September 14th, 2017

September 14, 2017 The Call: #NorthKorea No military action without Congressional approval North Korea continues to meet Trump’s war of words with provocations.  Earlier this month, North Korea tested a thermonuclear weapon (H-Bomb) now believed to be twice as large as originally thought. US Intelligence also believes North Korea has developed miniaturized nuclear warheads which could be delivered by ICBM’s capable of reaching the US. Trump vowed to meet North Korea’s threats with “fire and fury.” Trump’s latest response to North Korea’s nuclear and missile tests was “we’ll see.” There are credible reports that conservative Washington think tanks allied with Trump are preparing “post-war” analyses about North Korea and some put the odds of war at 75%. The stakes are raised further by a new Trump administration review that leans towards proposing the development of US mini-nukes that could be used for targeted 1st-strikes. Legislation has been introduced in the House and the Senate which would require Congressional approval for any nuclear first strike by the president. Without the legislation, Trump can initiate a nuclear strike merely by giving the military the order. With an unpredictable and ill-informed President desperate for a diversion from the Russia investigation, it is imperative that Congress assert its Constitutional duty to approve the use of military force before it occurs, and in particular insist on Congressional approval for any first strike with nuclear weapons. Your Action Call your three members of Congress and tell them Congress must do its Constitutional duty and require the President to obtain Congressional approval before military action against North Korea. In particular, Congressional approval must be required for any first strike by the US with nuclear weapons. Talking Points

  • This is [NAME] and I’m a constituent in [ZIP].

  • Congress must do its Constitutional duty and require its authorization for any military action by the president against North Korea.

  • I urge [Rep/Sen____] to support immediate passage of [H.R.669/S.200] requiring Congressional approval for any first use of nuclear weapons by the United States.

The Loyal Opposition

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