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Daily Call To Action: May 17th, 2017

May 17, 2017 The Call – #SpecialProsecutor, #ComeyMemo & #Obstruction Urge members of Congress to demand Former FBI Director James Comey be permitted to testify in open hearings and that DOJ immediately appoint a Special Prosecutor. There has been a shocking cascade of revelations in the last week, including Trump firing Comey and admitting the firing was related to the Russia investigation, Trump leaking highly classified intelligence from Israel to Russian diplomats, and the revelation Tuesday that Trump tried to get Comey to shut down the Michael Flynn investigation. The incredible disclosures strongly suggest that Trump is strangely close to Russia and attempting to obstruct the investigation of his ties to Russia. The response of most Republicans has not been encouraging. The reaction of Senator Richard Burr (R-NC), the Chairman of the Senate Intel Committee investigating the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, was especially troubling. Burr pushed back on the New York Times report, suggesting he did not believe the anonymous sources. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has inspired little confidence by violating his recusal in directly participating in the Comey firing. Sessions has resisted calls for a Special Prosecutor, even as Trump compounded his initial obstruction of justice in firing Comey with a threatening tweet to Comey clearly meant to silence him. Comey has insisted he wants to testify about these events, but will only do so in an open hearing. While Burr declined Comey’s offer for public testimony, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said the Senate Judiciary committee would be willing to have Comey testify in open session. It is critical that Comey be allowed to testify openly so these matters cannot be swept under the rug. It is also critical, given the reluctance of Burr to move the Senate Intel Committee investigation forward on Comey testimony and the compromised position of AG Sessions, that a special prosecutor be appointed. This matter has reached Constitutional crisis proportions and the American people need an investigation they can trust. Your Action Call your members of Congress and tell them to insist on an open hearing for James Comey’s testimony and to demand a Special Prosecutor be appointed. Script Hi. This is [NAME] and I’m a constituent in [ZIP]. I’m calling to let [Rep/Sen____] know that I believe it is critical to allow James Comey to testify in open hearings and urgent that [Rep/Sen___] demand that the DOJ appoint a Special Prosecutor. The American people deserve the truth and an investigation they can trust. Thanks. I greatly appreciate your time. *BONUS #BestPractice – Use the script as a guide or talking points rather than reading it verbatim.

The Loyal Opposition

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