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Daily Call To Action: March 9th, 2017

March 9, 2017 The Call – Independent investigation into #TrumpRussia Urge your members of Congress to publicly support an independent investigation into Russian interference in our election, the Trump campaign’s ties to Moscow and the President’s financial entanglements with Russia. Despite the Trump campaign’s repeated denials that the campaign had communications with Russian officials, we have now seen Michael Flynn resign as National Security Advisor and Attorney General Jeff Sessions recuse himself, each for misleading or lying about contact with Russian officials. On a daily basis, Rachel Maddow uncovers more ties by Trump and his allies to Russian authorities. More and more campaign allies are now admitting to contact, including J.D. Gordon and Carter Page. J.D Gordon admitted that, at Trump’s behest, he had the Republican Party platform softened regarding Ukraine and Carter Page acknowledged the Trump campaign authorized his 2016 trip to Russia. The acquiescence of Senator Richard Burr [R-NC] and Representative Devin Nunes [R-CA], the Chairs of the Senate and House Intelligence Committees respectively, to White House requests to knock down news reports of Russia ties, makes it clear that those committees cannot be trusted to independently investigate these matters. The wild twitter accusations by the President accusing President Obama of wire-tapping him raise this scandal to crisis levels. The American people deserve answers they can trust on Trump/Russia. It is time to ensure an investigation free from partisan politics. Your Action Call all three of your members of Congress and ask them to call for an independent investigation into Russian subversion in the U.S. election and President Trump’s reported campaign and financial ties to Moscow. Script “Hi. My name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent in [ZIP]. Has [Rep/Sen____] called for an independent investigation into President Trump’s campaign and Russia? [If Yes] “Great! Please let [Rep/Sen____] how much I appreciate his/her position on this and I encourage him/her to keep pushing. I greatly appreciate your time.” [If No or anything else] “I see. I’m very concerned that Congress’ current efforts to investigate these issues are insufficient. Please let [Rep/Sen____] know that I’d like him/her to support an independent investigation to examine this issue. I greatly appreciate your time.”

The Loyal Opposition

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