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Daily Call To Action: March 27th, 2017

March 26, 2017 The Call – House Intelligence Committee should hold open hearings on #TrumpRussia Urge your House member to call for the House Intelligence Committee to hold open hearings on Russian interference in our election and the Trump campaign’s ties to Moscow. In a bizarre twist after the Comey hearing last week, the House Intelligence Committee’s Chairman, Representative Devin Nunes [R-CA], who was on Trump’s transition team, met alone with a source he will not divulge. The source supposedly showed him information about legal “incidental” collection of communications of or about US persons, which may (or may not – his story has evolved) have included Trump associates, in connection with foreign subjects of surveillance. Following the meeting, Chairman Nunes held a nearly incoherent press conference and met with President Trump to “brief” him. At no point during this series of events did Nunes consult with Representative Adam Schiff [D-CA], his committee co-chair, or anyone else on the committee. While the information does not in any way validate Trump’s discredited tweets, Trump and the conservative press have spun it as if it did, giving Trump some political cover. Chairman Nunes has now cancelled, over his co-chairman’s objections, the previously scheduled open hearing to receive testimony from former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, former CIA director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper. Chairman Nunes proposes to hold closed hearings and Representative Schiff has accused him of working to aid Trump rather than in a bipartisan manner. Given the apparent inability of  Nunes to be objective and bi-partisan, it is all the more important that the hearings be held publicly so that the American people can get the information they need and have trust that the committee is working to get the truth. Your Action Call your House member and ask them to request that the House Intel Committee hold open hearings on Russia. Script Hi. This is [NAME] and I’m a constituent in zip code [ZIP]. Intel Committee Chairman Nunes canceled tomorrow’s open hearing on Russia when we should be rebuilding trust in government. I’d like to see it rescheduled ASAP and I’d like [Rep____] to call on the Committee to do so. Thanks so much for taking my message.

The Loyal Opposition

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