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Daily Call To Action: March 24th, 2017

March 24, 2017 The Call – Independent investigation into #TrumpRussia Urge your members of Congress to publicly demand an independent investigation into Russian interference in our election and the Trump campaign’s ties to Moscow. At the House Intelligence Committee on Monday, FBI Director James Comey testified the FBI has an on-going espionage investigation into Trump campaign ties to Russia. Comey and NSA Director, Admiral Michael Rogers, also debunked Trump’s tweeted claims that former President Obama wiretapped him. The Republican committee members focused almost entirely on demanding vigorous investigation and prosecution of those who may have leaked the information that brought these contacts to light. In a bizarre twist after the hearing, the Committee’s chairman, Representative Devin Nunes [R-CA], who was on Trump’s transition team, met alone with a source he will not divulge. He claims the source gave him information about legal so-called “incidental” collection of communications of or about US persons, which may have included Trump associates, in connection with foreign subject of surveillance. Following the meeting, Nunes held a nearly incoherent press conference and met with President Trump to “brief” him, all without without consulting with Representative Adam Schiff [D-CA], his committee co-chair or anyone else on the committee. While the information does not in any way validate Trump’s discredited tweets, Trump and conservative press have spun it as if it did. For the chairman of an oversight committee to rush to brief Trump, who is a subject of the investigation, is quite shocking and shows Nunes cannot be trusted to oversee a real investigation. In the Senate, the Chairman of the Intelligence Committee overseeing the Senate investigation, Senator Richard Burr [R-NC] was also on Trump’s transition team and has shown a partisan reluctance to do a vigorous investigation. Most Democrats and an increasing number of Republicans have now called for an independent investigation. It’s time to demand an independent investigation so the American people can have confidence in the results. Your Action Call all three of your members of Congress and ask them to demand an independent investigation into Russian interference in our election and the Trump’s campaign’s ties to Moscow. Script Hi. This is [NAME] and I’m a constituent in [ZIP]. I’m calling to push for an independent investigation into the President, his ties to Russia, and Russian interference in our elections. If [Rep/Sen____] doesn’t already support this, I would like them to demand one, so that Americans can have confidence in the results. Thanks and I greatly appreciate your time.

The Loyal Opposition

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