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Daily Call To Action: June 29th, 2017

June 29, 2017 The Call – #ProtectOurCare #WhyWeFight While Republican leadership cancelled a vote this week on Trumpcare/BCRA, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) hopes to get a revised deal by Friday to submit to the CBO, with a plan to vote immediately after the recess. McConnell has $200 billion to work with to cut deals and still have the bill eligible to be passed by a simple majority. Nate Silver handicaps the chances reluctant Republican Senators will ultimately support the bill with sweeteners and concludes it is quite possible McConnell can get a majority on board. Any version of the Senate bill McConnell crafts will remain a tax cut for the wealthy at the expense of poor and middle income Americans, with the pain likely hidden until after the midterm elections. Members of the Twitter community shared the faces and stories of their children whose lives and health depend on the ACA, with The Loyal Opposition. We put them into a thread to remind us #WhyWeFight. Democratic leadership is imploring people to continue calling and showing up. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand reminds us that democracy only works when people stand up and demand action. Democrats should be urged to use every tactic to defeat the BCRA, including a vote-a-rama. Republicans need to be told that a plan that benefits the wealthy and leaves sick and vulnerable Americans without insurance is unacceptable. A high volume of calls is needed to kill the AHCA and get on with the business of fixing Obamacare. Your Action Call both your senators and tell Democratic senators to stop Senate business/use the Vote-A-Rama to stop approval of the BCRA. Tell Republican senators that a bill that gives tax cuts to the wealthy and leaves sick and vulnerable Americans without insurance is wrong for the country. Talking Points

  • This is [NAME] and I’m a constituent in [ZIP].

  • [IMPORTANT] Describe how the BCRA would personally impact you, your friends or family.

  • [Democrat senators] Trumpcare/BCRA gives the rich a tax break and is a potential death sentence for the poor and disabled. Stall Senate business to prevent its passage. Use the Vote-A-Rama to stop the bill if necessary.

  • [Republican senators] The draft BCRA is a tax cut for the rich that fails to protect the American people including the poor, the disabled and people with pre-existing conditions.

  • [Republican senators] Any plan that benefits the wealthy while leaving sick or vulnerable people without insurance is wrong for the American people.

The Loyal Opposition

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