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Daily Call To Action: June 20th, 2017

June 20, 2017 The Call – #Trumpcare #ShowUsTheBill #NoHearingNoVote Senate Republicans expect to receive a CBO score on Trumpcare/AHCA by June 27th and are aiming to vote on it with extremely limited debate by June 29th. Senate leadership, eager to avoid the scrutiny of the House bill, plan to push Trumpcare through without any hearings or amendments. The expedited timeline is unprecedented for a bill of this size and significance. While the bill is being hidden from Democrats, most Republicans and the public, donors and lobbyists are getting updates on the bill’s progress. In protest, Democrats held the Senate floor late into the evening on Monday night to demand a more transparent and collaborative process in line with the traditions of the Senate. While very few know what is in the Senate bill, the bill the House passed would result in over 20 million additional uninsured, permit skyrocketing premiums for pre-existing conditions and allow lifetime and annual caps that would often make insurance useless when needed the most. A common misconception is that AHCA will not affect those on employer plans, when in fact, it will have significant negative consequences for all Americans’ healthcare. By gutting Medicaid, the bill will disproportionately harm the most vulnerable in society, including children, the disabled and the poor. This week is critical for stopping the Republicans from giving a tax cut to the wealthy by gutting healthcare for everyone else. Democrats should be urged to use every option available to defeat the bill, including a vote-a-rama, to stall the legislation. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is imploring people that now is the critical time to stop Trumpcare. A high volume of calls is needed to kill Trumpcare and get on with the business of fixing the ACA. Your Action Call both your senators and tell Democratic senators to stop Senate business/use the Vote-A-Rama tactic until there are hearings on Trumpcare/AHCA. Tell Republican senators healthcare is too important to pass without hearings to make sure the American people are protected. Talking Points

  • This is [NAME] and I’m a constituent in [ZIP].

  • [IMPORTANT] Describe how the AHCA would personally impact you, your friends or family.

  • [Democrat senators] It isn’t acceptable to pass Trumpcare/AHCA without hearings. Stall Senate business until hearings are scheduled. Use the Vote-A-Rama to stop the bill if there are no hearings.

  • [Republican senators] It isn’t acceptable to pass Trumpcare/AHCA without hearings. Healthcare is too important to pass without hearings to make sure the American people including the poor, the disabled and people with pre-existing conditions will be protected.

  • [Republican senators] Any plan that benefits the wealthy while leaving sick or vulnerable people without insurance is wrong for the American people.

The Loyal Opposition

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