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Daily Call To Action: June 1st, 2017

June 1, 2017 The Call – Reject #Trumpcare, #PeopleOverParty The Senate is now working on its version of the draconian Trumpcare bill (also known as AHCA) passed by the House before the Congressional Budget (CBO) score was available. The CBO scored the new version last week and determined that 23 million fewer people would have insurance within 10 years and that half of Americans would likely live in states that seek waivers from coverage for pre-existing conditions and/or for the 10 “essential benefits” of the ACA (Obamacare). These benefits include emergency room care, maternity care, mental health and addiction treatment, prescription drugs, and chronic disease treatment. Analysis shows that Trumpcare would protect as few as 5% of people with pre-existing conditions. Additionally, employer-based insurance would also be affected in states that seek waivers from essential benefits or pre-existing conditions. Trumpcare would drastically cut back Medicaid in states that adopted the ACA expansion and even hit Medicaid recipients in states that rejected the expansion. While Trumpcare does not directly target Medicare for seniors, it would undermine it Medicare by repealing several ACA taxes that now support the program, causing Medicare premiums to rise. The Center for American Progress published a synopsis of the CBO-derived estimates of coverage losses in each state by coverage type (Medicaid, employer and individual). This week is a critical time to be calling your Senators so Trumpcare dies in the Senate and Congress instead turns to fixing the ACA. It is also a Congressional recess week, meaning we can put even more effective pressure on members of Congress in their districts/states by holding and attending town halls. Your Action Call both your Senators and tell them to oppose Trumpcare. Also check this tool (the link is in replies to this tweet if you are viewing on Twitter) for a Town Hall near you during this Congressional recess and attend to object to Trumpcare. Talking Points

  • This is [NAME] and I’m a constituent in [ZIP].

  • I oppose Trumpcare/AHCA.

  • Any plan that benefits the wealthy while leaving sick or vulnerable people without insurance is wrong for the American people.

  • [IMPORTANT] Describe how the AHCA would personally impact you, your friends or family.

The Loyal Opposition

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