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Daily Call To Action: January 31st, 2017

January 31, 2017 The Call Urge the Senate to postpone any vote on Jeff Sessions for Attorney General until he can be questioned about the Administration’s Muslim Exclusion order and the reorganization of the National Security Council (NSC) to include Steve Bannon. There have been several alarming developments since last Friday on which the views of the next Attorney General are highly relevant. First, the President signed an order barring Muslims from 7 different countries from entering the United States. The acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, has ordered the Justice Department not to defend this “Muslim Ban” order on the grounds it may not be lawful. Hours later, she was fired by the President. Second, and equally frightening, the White House unilaterally (and potentially unlawfully) reorganized the NSC. This reorganization promotes White House adviser and white nationalist hero Steve Bannon to a permanent seat while demoting the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Director of National Intelligence to “optional” participants. These developments have been criticized by members of both parties. Senator John McCain notably cited the White House’s reorganization of the NSC as “radical,” and others have criticized it as unprecedented and politicizing national security. As Attorney General, Sessions would play a key role in how our country implements these executive orders and would also occupy a seat on the NSC. He also reportedly had a significant role in drafting the Muslim exclusion. It would be an abdication of Congress’ responsibility to provide adequate oversight to executive branch appointments if it does not question Sessions about both his role in crafting and implementing these orders as well as the Administration’s radical departure from the practice of excluding political advisers from NSC seats. Your Action Call your 2 Senators and urge them to do everything in their power to hold up Jeff Sessions’ confirmation until he is made to answer questions about his role in crafting the Muslim Exclusion, as well as his plans for implementation of these clear abuses of executive power and the radical departure from the practice of excluding political advisers from NSC seats. (Again) Script “Hi. My name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent in [STATE]. I’m calling to ask [Senator ____] to publicly advocate for a postponement of any vote on Jeff Sessions’ nomination for Attorney General until he can be questioned about the legality and execution of the Muslim Exclusion Executive Order and the reorganization of the NSC to include Steve Bannon. These alarming events occurred after the Judiciary Committee held its hearing on Sessions. The matters raise grave Constitutional, legal and policy concerns and the Committee deserves answers before it votes. I believe that the fundamental underpinnings of our Democracy are at risk and the very least the Senate can do is thoroughly vet this President’s pick for the top legal job. Please tell [Senator______] that he/she should publicly call for additional Committee hearings to get Sessions’ answers about these crucial issues before a vote occurs. Given the importance of this issue to me and the stakes involved, I’d also like the Senator to know that this is a litmus test for my future support. I greatly appreciate your time.”

The Loyal Opposition

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