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Daily Call To Action: August 4th, 2017

August 3, 2017 The Call – #ProtectMueller #TrumpRussia Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is entering a new phase with a grand jury impaneled in Washington and reports that Mueller is looking into financial transactions. Trump has previously claimed that his finances are a “red line” and that he can fire Mueller. Sean Hannity and other Trump surrogates are now attacking Mueller. If Trump fires Mueller, we are in a Constitutional crisis. Bi-partisan legislation has been introduced in the Senate to protect Mueller from being fired. We urgently need this legislation to be accelerated to protect the investigation and prevent a Constitutional crisis. Your Action Call your Senators and tell them to support urgent legislation protecting the Mueller investigation. Talking Points

  • This is [NAME] and I’m a constituent in [ZIP].

  • I urge [Sen.____] to act as soon as possible on legislation to protect Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation.

  • The threats by the President and the smear campaign about Mueller and his staff by Trump surrogates are an attempt to obstruct justice.

  • If the president is allowed to terminate Mueller’s investigation, there will be both a Constitutional crisis and a crisis of confidence among the American people.

  • Our democracy is at stake in preserving the investigation.

The Loyal Opposition

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