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Daily Call To Action: August 2nd, 2017

August 1, 2017 The Call – #NoBodyIsAboveThe Law #TrumpRussia #Mueller Trump is seeking ways to block Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of his campaign contacts with Russia, including financial matters related to the investigation. He has attacked Mueller’s supposed conflicts, despite Mueller being cleared of conflicts when he accepted the assignment. He has drawn a “red line” if Mueller attempts to investigate his finances, which Mueller has reportedly crossed. He blames Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recusal for Mueller’s appointment, and he has refused to say whether he would force Sessions to resign in order to appoint an unconflicted AG who could control or fire Mueller. If Trump fires Mueller, the US will be in a Constitutional Crisis. The Loyal Opposition is coordinating with a coalition of groups planning for urgent nationwide rapid action if and when Mueller is fired. MoveOn is hosting a shared website to inform everyone of the rapid action and plan and allow people to sign up to participate. Your Action Go to the Nobody is Above The Law website to see if there is a rapid action protest planned near you for if and when Mueller is fired. If possible, sign up to participate in the protest. Share the information and website with others in the Resistance. It is CRITICAL that we be prepared for quick action when Trump fires Mueller.

The Loyal Opposition

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