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Daily Call To Action: August 28th-30th, 2017

August 27, 2017 The Call – #CensureTrump Trump’s support for racists, white supremacists and Nazis has been on sickening display over the last two weeks. America has had at least 3 Nazi rallies and 3 deaths associated with the Charlottesville rally. Trump could not muster a convincing denunciation of Nazis and the KKK, but had to blame “many sides,” to the delight of David Duke and white supremacists. If there was any doubt about Trump’s intent, his pardon of ferociously racist and sadistic former Sheriff Arpaio laid it to rest. His actions seem designed to encourage violence, which he will use as an excuse for further repressive methods. News that Trump will lift the ban on selling military equipment to local police forces is further evidence of Trump’s repressive intent. Trump will get increasingly incendiary and repressive unless something is done to stop him. Congress must act and Censure is the first step. Censure is essentially a formal public shaming by Congress. There are really only two types of people who reasonably could argue against censure – 1) people who think it is not enough; and 2) racists. Of course, those who think it doesn’t goes far enough are right. Nonetheless, with Republicans in control of Congress, impeachment isn’t yet a viable option. Censure is strategic because it’s within reach and is more than a “slap on the wrist,” in that it sets future expectations by Congress that Trump must stop his harmful racist rhetoric and behavior. If following a formal censure Trump continues to play to white supremacists, censure now will provide a basis for cowardly Republicans to justify stronger action (impeachment) if Trump continues to flout norms. A second strategic reason to pursue censure now is the concern that Republican leadership hopes that when the Russia facts come out from the investigations, they can “end it” with a censure rather than impeachment. It is critical that Congress hear a building crescendo of constituent noise that what is happening is wrong and must be formally condemned. Your Action Call all three of your members of Congress and tell them to push for a Censure of Trump when they return from recess on 9/5. Talking Points

  • This is [NAME] and I’m a constituent in [ZIP].

  • I want [Rep/Sen____] to support a congressional censure of the president.

  • Multiple Nazi rallies & deaths have occurred and the president’s “many sides” reaction after Charlottesville has spurred more violence since.

  • Trump’s pardon of Joe Arpaio shows he has no respect for our court system & is increasingly testing the limits of what Congress & the American people will let him do.

  • If Congress doesn’t tell the president where the line of acceptable behavior is, who will? Things will just keep getting worse.

  • If [Rep/Sen____] can’t bring themselves to at a bare minimum support a censure of President Trump’s actions, he/she will not have my support again.

The Loyal Opposition

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