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Daily Call To Action: April 20th, 2017

April 20, 2017 The Call – Russia Sanctions Review Act (H.R.1059/S.341) #TrumpRussia Urge your senators to co-sponsor The Russia Sanctions Review Act of 2017. As a penalty for Russia illegally annexing Ukrainian territory in Crimea, starting in 2014, President Obama issued a series of executive orders imposing increasingly heavy sanctions. The sanctions have had a crippling impact on the Russian economy and getting them lifted is a high priority for Putin. Prior to the Inauguration, Trump expressed an openness to lifting the sanctions and we now know that during that period, General Michael Flynn, then on the Trump transition team, discussed sanctions with the Russian ambassador (and lied about doing so). Concerned by this and Trump’s very friendly attitude towards Putin, a bipartisan group of Senators introduced legislation to hamstring the Administration’s ability to act without the consent of Congress. A week later, the House followed suit with it’s own corresponding bill. We now know the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russia are subject to an ongoing FBI investigation that started last July. It was reported yesterday that Exxon Mobil, formerly led by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, is trying to get approval for an exemption from the sanctions to proceed with what could be a $500 Billion project with a Russian state-owned oil company which would greatly benefit Russia. Congress needs to stay on top of Russia sanctions and pass this legislation, especially while there are ongoing investigations into what may be a quid pro quo deal between Trump and Russia trading election help for lifting of the sanctions. Your Action Call your three members of Congress and ask them to support the bipartisan Russia Sanctions Review Act of 2017. Script Hi. This is [NAME] and I’m a constituent in [ZIP]. I’m calling because I want [Rep/Sen____] to support (H.R.1059/S.341), the Russia Sanctions Review Act. I’m very concerned that the administration may attempt to strike a deal to do business with Russia despite numerous investigations into Russian meddling in our election and I want Congress to stay on top of the issue by passing this bipartisan legislation. Thanks for taking my call!

The Loyal Opposition

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