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Call to Action: Contact Your Senators and Demand Vote by Mail

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Your Action:

Contact your Senators and tell them we need nationwide voting by mail and expanded early voting. We must ensure our elections are safe and accessible.


Last week, voters in Wisconsin were forced to choose between protecting their health and participating in our Democracy. This cannot stand. Voters should not have to choose between their health and their vote.

In the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic, Congress must institute reforms that will allow voters to safely cast their ballot and provide states the funding they need to run safe and secure elections.

This critical funding should be used by states to increase vote-by-mail, expand early voting, expand online and same-day registration, and to ensure the safety of voters and poll workers. Voting by mail or absentee ensures that the voters can participate in our elections without having to venture outside during the pandemic. And expanded early voting will ensure that voters that need to vote in person won’t be faced with long lines and massive crowds. 

In order to win funding in time for the November election, we need to demand our elected officials act now. Call your Senators today to demand $4 billion in funding to secure our elections in the upcoming stimulus. Dial 1-888-415-4527 and use the script below:


Hello [SEN]. My name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent [ZIP CODE].

I shouldn’t have to risk my health and safety to vote. We need to secure our elections and this can’t be done without the necessary funding. 

We must include $4 billion in the next stimulus package so states can increase vote-by-mail, expand early voting and online and same-day registration, and ensure the safety of voters and poll workers.

Thank you.

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