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Call MoCs: AG Barr Must Release Mueller’s Report & Findings to Congress

Your Action

Call your Senators and Representative and urge them to demand the DOJ release the full original Mueller report and turn over all the investigation evidence to Congress as they have done previously.


The DOJ is expected to take the position that a sitting president cannot be indicted even if he has committed crimes. Moreover, setting up a Catch-22, the report will likely not mention anyone who hasn’t been indicted, which means the DOJ will likely not include any negative information about Trump in the summary Attorney General William Barr provides to Congress (and quite possibly Mueller has been instructed to not include negative information about Trump since he cannot be indicted per DOJ interpretation).

The American people fully expect to learn if Mueller uncovered any wrongdoing committed by Trump even if he cannot be indicted while president. It would be a shocking injustice and defy the public’s expectations if Trump crimes were withheld from the public because of arcane interpretations by the DOJ.

Congress has a constitutional duty to go through every single aspect of the Mueller investigation and bring to light all wrongdoing by Donald Trump that might have been buried by DOJ restrictions.

The American people must see the full original Mueller report and Congress must receive all evidence Mueller has obtained regarding wrongdoing by Trump, even if he cannot be indicted.

Unless there is transparency, the DOJ restrictions would effectively make Trump above the Law. And in America, the president is not a king and cannot be above the law.


This is [NAME] and I’m a constituent in [ZIP]. I urge [Sen/Rep____] to demand the DOJ release the full original Mueller report to the public and provide Congress with all investigation evidence.

The public rightfully expects to learn what Mueller has determined regarding any wrongdoing committed by Trump even if DOJ takes the position he cannot be indicted.

If there is no transparency. The public’s right to know is thwarted and the president is above the law.  In America, no one should be above the law.

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