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Call Congress about #DACA relief

January 22, 2018

The Call –  #ProtectDreamers Despite an overwhelming majority of Americans wanting DACA recipients to stay in the US, Congressional Republicans were hijacked by the anti-immigrant extremists in their base. Trump was a main impediment to a deal, repeatedly stepping back from a bipartisan agreement to side with his hard-line anti-immigrant base. His campaign even released a blatantly racist ad blaming Democrats for any crime by any immigrant. Although Trump claims he is in favor of protecting Dreamers, every time a deal was near, he backed away and supported the extremist alt-right base, represented in the White House by Stephen Miller. We need to put maximum pressure on Congress to enact the will of the American people by protecting DACA recipients without a wall or extreme anti-immigration measures. Your Action Tell Congress not to support any future government funding deal without protection for Dreamers. Talking Points

  • This is [NAME] and I’m a constituent in [City, State].

  • The vast majority of the American people want the Dreamers protected.

  • Please protect the Dreamers by enacting a bipartisan DACA deal that does not throw money away on a useless border wall or enact extremist anti-immigration measures.

  • Don’t support any future government funding deal without protections for Dreamers in place.

The Loyal Opposition

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