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Attend a Town Hall Meeting & Demand Accountability

July 29, 2019

Your Action:

Attend a town hall meeting or other event with your Senators and Representative and ask them, “What do you intend to do to hold the President accountable?” 

Background: August recess for the House has begun. And the Senate recess begins in one week. With your members of Congress returning to their home districts for 6 weeks, this is your chance to meet with them in person and ask them how they plan to address the President’s crimes and behavior documented in Special Counsel Mueller’s report. You can find local town halls and other events at the Town Hall Project or by contacting your MOC’s local office. To find out who your Senators and Representative are, and to get their contact information, go to Call My Congress.


Hello [SEN/REP]. My name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent in your district. On July 24th, Robert Mueller testified before Congress and provided a nonpartisan overview of the findings of his investigation. He very clearly left further action to Congress. 

As a concerned constituent and a supporter of the Constitution, I believe that no one is above the law. If I, or anyone in this room, did the same things the President did, we would be in jail right now. What do you intend to do to address the President’s crimes and behavior?

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