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Ask Your MoCs: Have You Read the Mueller Report?

May 29, 2019

Your Action

Our elected officials shouldn’t be taking the word of a biased Attorney General who was installed by Trump specifically to cover up wrongdoing. Call your Representative and Senators and ask them “Have you read the Mueller Report? What are your principal conclusions?"


Representative Justin Amash (R-MI) recently went on record stating that the current partisan divide over the report’s findings comes down to the fact that many members of Congress simply haven’t bothered to read it.

Last week, the Washington Post followed up to determine how many had actually read it. Per the Post, “Beyond simply responding to the questions, 80 percent of Democrats said they read the entire report, compared with 48 percent of Republicans.”

It’s imperative that our elected officials be appropriately informed when making decisions for the good of the nation. The bare minimum when considering potential abuses of power by the President of the United States is to read the Special Counsel’s report.


This is [NAME] and I’m a constituent in [ZIPCODE]. I am concerned that many members of Congress have not yet read the full redacted version of the Mueller report. I am calling to ask [SEN/REP]: Have you read the report? What are your principal conclusions?

Congress cannot do their job effectively without all the facts. The first step is for [SEN/REP] to read the report, and to inform constituents of his/her principal conclusions.

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