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Educate and motivate people to participate at all levels of the political process.

The Loyal Opposition is a community of grassroots activists and staffed entirely by volunteers. LO formed in 2017 to combat the clear and present danger our country faced under the Trump administration. While we have successfully prevented Donald Trump from winning a second term as President of the United States. There is still work to be done to strengthen our democracy and prevent backsliding. 

With success in winning the Presidency and maintaining a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, we are in a much better position that we were four years ago. The work continues. As we look ahead, we must redirect grassroots energy towards laying the groundwork for the future. As we look ahead, we continue to focus on:

  • Accountability & the rule of law

  • Protecting our elections

  • Countering white supremacy

  • Understanding information warfare

The Loyal Opposition seeks to educate the public and bring awareness to critical issues that threaten our democracy: government corruption, abuse of civil liberties, the use of propaganda, and the role of media and social media, and the growing threat of extremism in our country. Most importantly, we seek to inspire action--to not just talk about these critical issues, but to organize and play a central role in making change happen.

There is still plenty of work to do. Join us. 

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Our Priorities for 2020:

• protecting our elections

• accountability & the rule of law

• understanding information warfare

• countering white supremacy

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Our Goal

Educate people and inspire relevant, constructive action.

We will help connect the dots and spotlight opportunities to make change.



Adrienne Kirschner

Executive Director

Adrienne Kirschner is Executive Director of The Loyal Opposition. After working over a decade in the software industry, Adrienne transitioned to the nonprofit sector where she has focused on strategic planning, communications, and fundraising.


Adrienne has had a lifelong interest in politics, particularly public policy in the areas of education, healthcare, and the environment. After the 2016 presidential election, Adrienne became deeply concerned about the need for a more informed and engaged citizenry and became a passionate advocate for civic engagement. Adrienne believes in the power of the people and uses her voice to inspire action–“Democracy is not a spectator sport.”


Julie Frontera

Director of Graphics

Julie is an artist and all around creative soul, doing renderings, planning and design work for contractors most days; her passion lies in turning ideas into visuals, blending perfectly with her interest in politics and history.

Julie’s activism dates back to the first Earth Day, marching as a young teen and picking up trash in a run-down Detroit park. After lessons learned in a 16 year detour to hospice nursing, Julie returned to the art world and promised herself she’d dedicate more time to things that inspire. Never one to hold back voicing her thoughts and feelings, artwork and graphics have become a favorite way to communicate them, with social media providing the outlet.

Julie also recently opened an online Etsy store where she offers some of her artistic creations.



Matt Scharfstein


Matt Scharfstein founded The Loyal Opposition in 2017 and served as Executive Director until March, 2019, when he stepped back from full-time activism.

Raised in New York City, Matt first became interested in politics as a teenager volunteering for Michael Bloomberg’s 2001 Campaign for Mayor of New York. He studied Political Science and History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he remained active in political issues.

Before founding The Loyal Opposition, Matt worked in legal marketing, corporate public relations and as an investor. He is also a certified scuba instructor.


Karen Kirchen


Karen Kirchen co-founded The Loyal Opposition and continues to support its mission. She is a retired corporate lawyer with 30+ years of experience as a senior lawyer representing a global financial institution in New York City. Karen’s experience includes all aspects of international banking transactions and regulation.

Karen splits her time between New York and Southern Florida. Her retirement passions, in addition to the Resistance, include travel, outdoor sports and health research.

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